Becoming a Member

Article 3 – Anyone or any establishment who carry the provisions the legislation states and are interested in academic family medicine field and accepts the aim and principles of the society can become a member. Any non-Turkish citizens who wish to become a member should have a resident permit in the Republic of Turkey. Such conditions are not mandatory for honorary membership.

In order to apply for membership, a person or establishment should apply to the board of directors in writing along with written endorsement from two active members. For such endorsements, the person or establishment should be involved in education or research activities in the field of academic family medicine. The board of directors are entitled to decide the acceptance or denial of the applications within 30 days of application and present their answers in writing to the applicant. Accepted applicants are inserted in the society book of members.
The actual members of the society are; the founders of the society as well as applicants who are accepted to be member by the board of directors.

Individuals or establishments who contribute to the society financially or morally can be accepted as honorary members by the board of directors.

Once the society has three branches, the member registrations are transferred to the branches and new membership applications should be made to the branches directly. The board of directors of the branches are entitled to accept or reject new membership applications and the Headquarters of the Society is informed in 30 days about the new memberships in writing.

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